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October 2nd, 2015
Faith, Steve, Mike, Sarah

Group leaves Nihlus at temple. He is weak from resurrection
- Group runs into Mallory in the pews
- She wants to see him, group says he needs to rest
- Suggest she goes home and eats. She agrees so they will be both strong enough to play later

Group goes back to inn
- Lots of people are at the inn scared, asks if its safe yet
- Kava says to be vigilant still
- Group goes to sleep to recover

Group wakes at two in the morning
- Lots of guards on patrol in town, some look to be conscripted
- Talks to guards (a young guy and older guard) guarding closed door out of town
- Young guy is new, says older ones are patrolling the graveyard and surrounding paths
- Obrin gives young guy an arrow, young guy is ecstatic (they’re heroes!!!) and puts it in his belt

Group leaves for Keep
- As a security measure, group has Kava walk by herself with a sun rod wrapped up, only shining light in front of her and to the sides.
- Group stays behind her in darkness
- See a few guards here and there, but nothing really happens

Group gets back to the keep
- Sees a few goblins that are dead. They were not the ones to kill them.
- One is impaled to wall, one was strangled with chain,
- One has glass dust in eye and a wound in chest
- Group believes it must have been slug
- Kava checks vitals, sees it is still alive but barley
- Edoria wants to heal him to ask questions about the keep and of Splug
- Kava wants to put it out of its misery
- While group discusses it rationally, Kava decapitates it like a FUCKING BOSS!!!
- (DM didn’t expect that outcome. He did have info they would have wanted. oh well)

Group finds a room with multiple paths
- Kava sneaks down a hallway to investigate these paths.
- One has a strange symbol on ground. Couldn’t tell what it was as they were too far away.
- She sneaks, silent as the night and see some zombies
- Group fights zombies. Group wins.
- Obrin attempts his patented show off flip. Fumbles and falls, hurting himself.

Group finds a hallway lined with ten sarcophagi.
- Though the area is in complete darkness, they see a room at the end of the hall bathed in light
- Sees Draconic script on sarcophagi. Cant decipher it.
- Edoria makes noises of battle with ghost sound, but nothing happens
- Obrin busts ass toward light, Sarcophagi spring open and skeletons pop out
- Every so often, more skeletons pop up
- Obrin gets on top of a sarcophagus and attacks from on top of it. Fumbles again and falls off.
- Edoria pushes a skeleton warrior into the light. The skeleton drops his sword and slowly walks away from light. Once out, it heads straight toward the group to attack them again.
- Edoria wants group to get into lighted room, but no one can make it.
- Edoria also took a double crit to her wrist. She gets pissed and starts to feel her rage build and her right wrist starts to heat up
- Finally, skeletons stop coming out and the group is victorious.

Group investigates room.
- Glass dome on top of the room depicting a dragon in flight. Meant to represent Bahumut
- Obrin opens door at the end of the room and sees one more sarcophagus.
- Kava and Edoria investigates shrines in the room. They are to Bahumut and contain Draconic script. It says that Bahumut will help those who need it, all they need to do is pray.
- Kava does so. Light extends to the whole hallway.
- Edoria prays for her wrist. Will take less healing surges to fix.
- End of Session

- 297 XP per player

Other neat moments

- Mike asks DM about famous acrobats and luchadores and roles a history check. Finds out about Samuel “Doubleflip” Johnson and The Masked One: El Chupa Libre.

Samuel was a somewhat well known acrobat who would do two flips in the air without a running start or jumping of anything. Legend says he went for the “In Air 900”, but fell on his neck and died.

El Chupa Libre’s claim to fame was going from the wrestling world to the adventuring world. He was known to pill drive skeletons and body slamming zombies. One day, he decided to walk away from the game. He took off his mask one day, and just went to do something else. As no one saw him without his mask on, no one knows who he is, or if hes still out there.

- Group tested a new setup for the board. Instead of a whilteboard and magnets, the DM used a TV hooked up to a computer running “roll20”. Though there were some small problems (that are being worked on), the test was a success.

- Obrin ripped an arm off a skeleton and hit the same skeleton with it, shattering it. Obrin swore he heard a noise that sound like a ball hiring a bat and the distant sounds of a crowd cheering

New features will be introduced as time goes on.



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