A Stich in Time...

Edoria is hot!


Steve, Faith, Sarah, Mike

Some date I dunno

Group and Goblins are at a standstill
- Kylor is letting them go on their way
- Obrin demands they help the group or they will die
- Kylor thinks about this and agrees
- Other goblins look confused, but Kylor tells them to shut up
- Kylor says their is a room to the west that may have healing supplies the group can use
- Obrin says lead the way.

Group of goblins surround Kylor as he walks
- Yells down a hallway to the south to come out
- four or so goblins come out to “assist the party”.
- Kylor and his guards walk to the room on the left with Obrin and Kava
- Edoria and Iskandar stay behind, waiting for the goblins to the south hallway to get ahead of them
- Goblins to the south tell them to back up.
- Iskandar does, Edoria stays
- Goblins say to back up against wall now so they may pass
- Edoria turns slightly away from them, assuming that this is what they meant.
- One goblin pushes Edoria hard with his shield
- Iskandar slams his spear on top of his shield with the point toward the goblins face, yelling at him
- The other goblin attacks

- Obrin falls down a well (what a goof).

- Fight isn’t looking too good for the group.
- Kylor is laughing at them, insulting and saying they will make horrible slaves
- Suddenly, Edoria passes out and nearly hits the floor when she catches herself.
- She stands unsteady, as if someone was behind her keeping her up.
- She opens her eyes. They are on fire.
- She screams that “the flame must be fed” in a voice that was not here.
- Points to Kylor and flames swirl around her arm, to her hand, and an inferno engulfs Kylor
- Kylor leaps into the well to try and put himself out. He dies before he his the water
- A corpse on fire lands on Obrin (lol).
- Edoria passes out again and falls to the floor.
- Two goblins run in opposite directions.
- Group defeats the group.
- Faith tends to Edoria.




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