A Stich in Time...

Family Reunion

A Hallmark Movie in the making

Group goes through the door
- Area is very dark
- Floors look wet, as if they were recently cleaned.
- There is a hall to the east and to the south, the group goes south
- Find a couple of sarcophagi standing up
- THey burst open, with one regular size zombie and two smaller ones.
- Big one wants to bite the group
- LItle ones try to grab them. Liquie from their eyes hurt the group.

Edoria, who is somewhat hurt already, makes a stratgic move and stands in the hall away from the zombies
- The DM is happy as this means the gelatinous cube (that no one saw) will eat her first
- the cube swallows Edoria, but she escapes eventually
- The group is having a hard time with the zombies and the cube.
- Eventually, the cube swallows a small zombie.
- Small zombie and big one start attacking the cube. They are distracted
- Half the group opens a locked door.
- At first, it looked like there were two more, but it must have been a simple trick of the eyes
- Obrin and Edoria go inside and shut the door.
- Faith and Iskandar hide in the sarcophagi
- Obrin finds a chest in the room they are in
- Inside are children clothes and toys
- Obrin realizes they are in Sir Jerold Keegans old place
- The zombie is the wife and their two kids
- While they are hiding, the cube ends up swallowing and killing all the zombies
- The cube moves away from the sarcophagi and starts to dissolve the door.
- Iskandar runs down the hallway and makes a lot of noise, banging off everything
- The cube feels this and goes toward him.
- The rest of the group attack the cube and eventually win
- Group finds out the smaller ones were trying to hug them and were just crying
- The group is sad
- The DM is happy




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