A Stich in Time...

Nihlus's Path

What the fuck did you do Nihlus?

- Group comes back to help with ritual
- Mallory says why Nihlus is missing? Is he hurt? Can she help? Can she see him
- Group tell her she can help by praying in temple. Does so

- Group helps with ritual
- Gets in circle and passes orb to one another to try and coax the soul back

- Nihlus is in a field in the afterlife
- Lots of paths one can take
- A lady is behind him
- Her name is Macha, she is the messenger for the Mistress of Winter and the lady of fate (Raven Queen)
- Says he is here due to his fanaticism and extreme views of Avandra
- She asks if he has memory problems. He does and asks why. She says it must be the reason why he didn’t remember having this exact conversation with her before

- Gets show the path he’s going to take in after life
- Land is of hellscape. Only one path instead of many
- Discovers he is dressed as royalty, holding a scepter he can’t drop and wearing a a crown. Both are too heavy and hurt, but can’t be dropped
- Right hand and right eye is missing and bloody
- On either side of path are people in masks and all in black
- They bow to him as they pass
- They start with a whisper, but end up screaming “Hail to the one eyed king. The one to see and feel”
- Another flash of white light happens and he’s back in front of Macha

- Says there is still time to change
- Raven Queen wants to give another chance, still time to change
- Nihilus keeps questioning the gods, Macha gets annoyed
- Finally he goes back



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