A Stich in Time...

The Resting Area of Sir Keegan

Squares make scary noises!

Sarah, Steve, Faith, Mike

Group enters a small room with a coffin
- Notices etchings on coffin is a lot cleaner than on other coffins
- Etchings is of a man with a sword. No religious markings
- Group discusses opening it. Decides not to
- Edoria and Kava start to leave, Iskandar uses his tail to try and open it.
Coffin lid starts banging and explodes.
- A skeleton in plate armor and a symbol of bahamut stands up
- Says he will not allow the rift to open and will kill all who try
- Group tries to show skeleton they are on his side
Skill Challenge
- The group uses religion, acrobatics, intimidation, and diplomacy
- Group succeedes
- Skeleton is Sir Keegan
- The madness of the rift drove him to kill all, he stayed down here to punish himself
- Cannot cross over to the other side due to grief and unfinished business
- Sir Keegan cannot do much, but gives group his sword Aceris, a sword of platinum
- Sir Keegan is convinced group can succeed, feels hope for the first time and falls apart
Group goes north
- Finds some of the tiles have runes on them
- Know that if they are touched, a loud alarm will sound
- Obrin jumps over a few to see whats around
- Iskandar stays nearby Obrin but does not cross runes
- Edoria and Kava explore on their own, asking obrin to ether come back or wait
- Obrin does neither and explores
Iskandar makes a noise, and some shuffling and moaning is heard
- Obirn attacks noise, sees a lot of zombies
- Obrin and Iskandar starts fighitng them
- Obrin makes a double crit on a zombie, zombie falls into a wall and it moves a little
- Eventually Kava and Edoria hear fighting and come to help
- Edoria sees zombies walk on runes and nothing happens
- Edoria steps on it, a ghostly wail is heard
- Edoria, Kava, and Iskandar are affected by it and run toward the lighted room out of a fear effect
- Eventually shake it off and go back to help Obrin, who pretty much handled the situation.
Obrin investigates wall that moved
- Sees its a secret door
- Leads to a small room with nothing in it
- Obrin investigates a piece of the wall. While nothing special about it, he sees there may be something to the right of it.
- That’s when zombies seem to materialize from the walls and surround the elf, beating him.
- Group hears commotion and comes to help
- Group wins eventually
- Pass the Illusory wall, group finds a worn suit of armor.
- A voice booms out, giving them a riddle
- Kava solves it in three seconds
- Armor glows and becomes whole again.

End of session



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