A Stich in Time...

The Second Floor

Fight EVERYONE!!!!

Sarah, Steve, Faith, Mike

Group rests in a secret room
- Sees the stairs to the next floor
- Steve sneaks and lays on steps to see guards at bottom of steps.
- Edoria wants to look, but fails sneak check
– Guards hear and ask if anyone is there
Iskandar has a plan
- Chain Edoria and Kava’s hands
- Iskandar wears armor that makes him look bad
- Iskandar will act like he captured these two
- Will hold edorias sword, Kava’s will be on stairs
- Obrin will sneak behind them
Group goes downstairs and is given a challenge phrase by hobgoblins
- Iskandar says password from dropped Ninarin note
- One screams “Ninarin has been defeated. Alert Kalarel”.
- Two hobgoblins run to a back room where a huge spider is caged and gets released in a few turns
- Spider jumps and Edoria and tries to bite her, misses
- Spider gets greatly injured and runs away
- After battle, one is captured alive
He is given a potion and is questioned
- His name is Jib Jub
- Is asked about the floor, tells them that the warchief “Kylor” is done here
- Says slaves are taken directly south but never goes there
- “those that go down never come back. I never go down.”
Was asked about Splug
- Said Splug (Aka Splug the Blade) was their leader
- A year ago, humans came to use basement, gave them gold
- Undead and other unpleasant things started appearing from below
- Splug wanted to stop him. What he was doing would bring death to them all
- When he slept, his brother (Balrog the Fat) and others mutineys and throws him in torture chamber
- Balrog is now leader. Says to stay on the undead’s good side and they will be rewarded.
Group tells him to go get Kylor
- Edoria heals him more
- Jib Jub goes to a room to the East
- A few seconds pass. Someone is stabbed offscreen.
- Group needs a new plan
Iskandar has another plan
- Starts yelling for Kylor to come out and greet Ninarin
- Edoria tries to disguise her voice and covers her face.
- Other hobgoblins come out to see what they want
- Iskandar yells at them, Hobgoblins leave
- Hobgoblin with scale armor and a big spear appears
- Warlord asks why they are bothering to be in this section
- Looks at the fake Edoria and says “what is your last name?”
- He figures its a trap and runs back
- Group follows
Two encounters happen at the same time.
- Lots of hobgoblins
- Eventually, group tries to go north
- Iskandar gets trapped in room to the north when door is closes and barred
- Group eventually breaks it down
- Iskandar is held hostage on the ground
- Edoria tried to talk out of it and used her Command power
- Hobgoblins got slid into each other, Iskandar crawed away
Warchief says he has had enough and is letting them go with their lives




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