Douven Staull

Former Adventurer and head of Douven's Training Camp


In his younger days:



Douven Staull heads an Training Camp for those who wish to be adventurers and live to tell the tale. A former adventurer himself (sword mage), Douven spends his time training students in hand to hand battle and the politics in the area. He loves to tell tales about his former life and wishes he stayed in the game for a little longer.

Douven became missing after the group went to take care of the Kolbold issue at the base of the mountain of the Training Camp. Trecna sent the group to the nearby town of Winterhaven as Douven may have went to a Dragon Burial Ground near the town.

After talking to the Lord Padraig, they discovered that Douven was seen at the tarvern a few days ago, speaking with Valthurn the sage (“Val” in the letter that was sent). He pointed them to the dragon burial ground as he used to play their as a child.

At the burial ground, the party defeated a group that looked to be trying to dig something up. They found Valthurn under a tarp, badly hurt. After healing him and giving him food and water, he said he wrote to Douven to check something out about the burial ground. The two once traveled together in a adventure party and it sounded like fun. However, they were surprised when the group the party defeated was there and they were surrounded and beaten. Douven was taken to the keep.

On the last floor of the keep, the group found Douven laying on a stone slab. He was unconsious and barely alive. The group managed to get him back up. They offered him a sword to join in the fight, but said that he did not need one. He reached into his robe and pulled out a luchadore mask. It turned out he was the once famous Skeleton Suplexing Luchadore, The Masked One: El Chupa Libre.

He helped where he could and Kaleral was defeated. He told the group that he is not as spry as he used to be and to keep his involvement to their selves. The group agrees. He thanks the group profusely. They all travel to Winterhaven

Douven Staull

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