Lord Ernest Padraig

Lord of Winterhaven


The well liked Lord of Winterhaven, Padraig inherited his power from his father.

The party first met him at Wrafton’s Inn, an Inn and Tavern. They asked him if he knew about Douven, but he didn’t. However, when asked about Val, he thinks they mean Valthurn. He saw the two talk a night or so ago at the Inn, but hasn’t seen him since. He directed them toward the Dragon Burial Site (he played there when he was younger) and asked the group to talk care of a kolbold problem in the area.

While the town likes him, he doesn’t have the power to raise a force from among the villagers to deal with the problem. He shows them a map of the kolbold base (a waterfall) and offers to pay them well.

Lord Ernest Padraig

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