Peasant girl


Mallory is a young peasant girl that hurt her leg playing one day. A masked man came up to her. She was scared at first, but the man in the mask gave her a pretty looking stone and wrapped up her leg. She got up and ran away when Thomas came, yelling at her to get away from the monster.

Mallory later left a note for Nihlus, thanking him for fixing her leg and the nice stone. She also said his mask was pretty. Nihlus saw her watching him behind some boxes and ran away giggling.

Nihlus also saw her play a game with some other kids. One child was acting like a guard and yelling at the other kids. Mallory came out wearing a white paper mask (that looked to be decorated like Nihlus’s) and defeated the guard. The kids cheered. They were about to switch parts when Thomas came around the corner and they ran away.

Thomas was also seen yelling at Mallory and took her paper mask away, balling it up and putting it in his bag. This is what caused the fight with the group and him being relieved of duty.

The group last saw Mallory praying for Nihlus to get better when the group told him he was hurt.


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