Traitor of Winterhaven


Ninarin was a spy in Winterhaven. She is Kalarel’s agent and reports back to him about the happenings in the village.

She noticed the group when they first came to Wrafton’s Inn, though they ignored her. She watched them talk to the Lord and then leave again. She then saw them bring back Valthurn. She sent a nosy Dragonborn (who was trying to stop the kolbold problem) to their waterfall base, telling her that there were only two or three (there were about twenty).

The group finally ran into her in a graveyard by the village. She was creating undead and attacked the party with them. When she saw she was about to be defeated, she took an underground tunnel (and exploded with with runes and explosive barrels) and escaped.

The group found a note that Kaleral sent to Ninarin, telling her how to bring up the undead (to destroy the party) and what the passphrase is to get to the second floor.


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