Sir Jerold Keegan

Fallen Paladin


SIr Keegan was the Commander of Shadowfell Keep when it was still in operation. A very loyal and heroic Paladin, he had served with honor with the Purple Dragons and was respected throughout the land.

That all changed 80 years ago, when, at the stroke of midnight, he started to systematically slaughtering all who lived in the Keep. He started with this wife and two children. This was followed by his trusted advisors and finally, many of the soldiers under his command.

He was too skilled for any one soldier to defeat, but eventually the garrison managed to respond with an organized defense. Although many brave solders died, they managed to drive the mad knight into the passages below the keep and finally dispatched him.

A few days later, fearing the sealed rift’s influence, Comyr officials ordered the keep abandoned and destroyed it, hopefully keeping anyone out of it.

Sir Jerold Keegan

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