One dangerous Goblin


Splug was found by the party in a cell in a torture room. He said he was brought here and torutred for days for cheating at a card game. He wanted revenge and offered the party a way to kill the leader of the goblins (Balgrom the Fat) if they would let him ago. They let him out and he armed himself with weapons and armor from the goblins who just died. He seemed to be holding back about himself, but the group let it go.

True to his word, he showed them a secret passage to the sleeping Balgrom. During the fight, Splug saw other goblins at the end of the hallway and chased after them. The party has not seen them since.

The party believes the came upon Splug’s handiwork when they first returned to the keep. They discovered dead goblins in positions and way that the party did not do themselves. One goblin was barely alive when the party found them. Rather then heal him and get answers to who or what Splug really was, Kava decapitated him.

When the party came upon another goblin on the second floor (jibjub), the party changed their interrogation style and decided to ask him about splug. He said that Splug (aka Splug the Blade) was their former leader. A year ago, humans approached the keep. They paid the goblins gold for free access to the basement. They agreed. As time passed though, strange things began to occur. People were led in with chains around their arms, never to be seen again. Frightful noises echoed through the chambers. Undead and other unpleasant things started to appear.

Splug tried to rally everyone to stop whatever was happening. He felt that death and destruction would come for them all. However, while he slept, his brother Balrog and others through a coup. Balrog convinced them that if they tried to interfere with what was happening, they would surely die. If they were to stay on their good side, they would be rewarded. They through Splug in the torture chamber and Balrog became leader.

After the Shadowfell rift was closed, the party left the keep, only to be surrounded by many goblins. In the middle of the group (parting away the others) splug showed up, this time with many blades on him, blood on his face (like warpaint), and rope tied around his head. He said that his mind was broken by the torture chamber, but the medicine man helped him (pointing to the rope around his head) and he is much better. The goblins will stay here and clean up what is left. In exchange, he wants an agreement with Winterhaven for trade.


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