Valthurn the Sage

Sage and Scholar


Valthurn is a sage who lives in the tower in Winterhaven. A very private man, he tends to keep to himself and doesn’t allow others in his home (he takes a lot of pride of his library of old books and items he has collected during his adventures when he was younger).

Valthurn was found at the Dragon Burial Site, bound and gagged. He was captured alongside Douven, but he was taken away. The party took Valthurn back to town and healed him and let him rest. Douven said he would look more into the keep that Douven was taken too.

Valthurn told the group about the rift that is under the Keep. The rift leads to a sanctuary to the Ocrus, Prince of the Undead. He tasks the group to making sure the rift is not opened and to save Douven from being sacrificed.

Valthurn the Sage

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