A Stich in Time...

The Portal to hell
Kaleral falls

The group wakes up on stone slabs
- Their armor is still on, but their weapons are to the side
- Where they expected Obrin to be, is an old man
- Its Douven Staull
- He’s obviouslly injured and close to death

Obrin had woken up some time ago
- Was chained to a stone table
- His armor is cut in half
- Kaleral is standing over him
- He is dipping a feather into a bowl and cutting Obrin’s flesh with a sharp tip
- Its been going on for a while

- Kava gets up to try to try and grab her sword
- Sword falls, bad people see
- Obrin breaks free of a shackle
- Kaleral drives the feather into Obrin’s Arm. its numb and can’t move
- Group heals Douven Staull.
- Group offers him a sword, Douven says he needs no sword
- Reaches into his robe and pulls out a luchadore mask
- Puts it on, yells out “LUCHOOOO LIBREEEE” and suplex’s a skeleton
- Its the masked one: Lucho Libre!
- Obrin gets free and gets his bow
- He only picks up his bow
- I ask him a lot and he says he only picks up his bow
- Obrin fires an empty bow, gets butthurt that an arrow didnt come out
- Had to explain that a bow is not like a gun which is armed with bullets, you have to pick up an arrow to
- DM knows he was an ass during this, but it was too funny not to do.
- Blood in the middle of the room kept raising undead
- Finally, they end up with Kaleral
- Kaleral teleports to a magic circle and is protected
- Group whittles him down slowly as a portal in the back of the room has a tentical sticking out of it, trying to get others to go to it.
- Finally, Obrin shoots an arrow and destroys Kaleral’s Necklace
- The magic circle fails, tentacl grabs Kaleral
- Kaleral screams as he is dragged into the portal
- The portal closes.

Group works to prevent this from openeing again
- Writing is made on the portal itself (Kava and Edoria wrote a prayer to Pelor on it)
- It burned itself in.
- Iskandar cuts a mark of his god into the magic circle
- The magic circle will not operate again

Group leaves the keep
- Suddenly, they are surrounded by goblins
- From the back, a goblin pushes through
- He is covered in daggers and knives and has blood marks on his face
- He also has a little bit of rope tied all over his head
- Its splug!
- Splug asks if the undead are finished. Group says they are
- Group asks about the rope
- Splug says his mind was broken in torture chamber, medicine man put it back together with rope and he feels much better now.
- Splug says they will stay at keep to kill straglers and to stop others from coming in
- Want the group to tell Winterhave that they want trade and other things in return
- Group goes back to Winterhaven
- Everyone is happy the undead threat is done
- The lord of Winterhaven says there will be a celebration and feast!!!!


End of session

The Nuclear Option
Holy shit why?!

Group goes to a room to the south
- Lots of zombies and stuff.
- Group does things and win
(First person to let me know if anything of worth happened here gets 25xp)
- Group finds a small hole in a wall
- Discover a bag of holding in wall
- DM makes an innocent comment about the dangers of combining their bags of holding
- DM doesn’t realize he planted an idea into their heads
- DM drinks too much and is not on his medication so he has bad ideas

Group enters a room with lots of blood and vampires
- Group sees some Berserkers (big fighing types)
- One of them is Ninarin (a female elf archer the group fought before)
- She was transformed into a big sword girl
- LOTS of vampires
- Edoria gets knocked out and captured by vampires
- They drag her into the darkness
- Bad guys demand group gives up
- Bad guys are winning
- Everything is working how the DM wanted
- Nothing is going to fuck up his plan
- and Iskandar give the DM the middle finger
- Iskandar tosses his Bag of holding to Kava
- DM tell Iskandar to roll
- Rolls a 20 (of course)
- Kava combines the bags, everything explodes

DM see’s his game burning in front of him
- DM comes up with a brilliant idea (it was a really awesome idea it turned out)
- Bahumut doesnt want to see them die
- Uses his silver statues to keep group alive
- Orcus doesnt want to see everything explode
- Does what he can to make sure group doesnt die
- Bahumut and Orcus unknowingly work together
- Group awakes on stone slabs in the last room
- Obrin wakes up by himself
- Obrin is in deep shit


Stone Cold
Traps are fun

Group opens the door to the south
- They see a goblin (the other one who ran) bisected in half and a huge blood streak.
- Group closes the door and talk about what they saw
- Door is opened again. They noticed a huge stone stature in the middle of the room
- There is blood on his sword.
- Group is very careful to try and not set off the huge stone stature
- They walk into the smaller statures that blast them toward the big statue, triggering the big statue
- Big statue missed
- Edoria and Obrin climb on the statue to figure out how to shut it off
- Iskandar and Faith are doing things (I have no idea what they were doing. I forget)
- Obrin finds a panel on the statue and tries to shut it off.
- Edoria tries to help
- Edoria just gets in the way
- Edoria is always in the way
- Obrin finally shuts it off.
- Edoria walks into a small hallway to the south
- A forcefield comes up and seperates the group (good job edoria)
- Room starts filling with water
- Group tries to get in but cant
- Edoria destroys two smaller statues in the room that are filling the room with water
- Forcefield breaks and water goes everywhere. Traps are no more.


(It seems like something else happened this day. I don’t think this is the only thing that happened, but I don’t remember what it was. First person to let me know what else happened this day gets 30 XP points).

Family Reunion
A Hallmark Movie in the making

Group goes through the door
- Area is very dark
- Floors look wet, as if they were recently cleaned.
- There is a hall to the east and to the south, the group goes south
- Find a couple of sarcophagi standing up
- THey burst open, with one regular size zombie and two smaller ones.
- Big one wants to bite the group
- LItle ones try to grab them. Liquie from their eyes hurt the group.

Edoria, who is somewhat hurt already, makes a stratgic move and stands in the hall away from the zombies
- The DM is happy as this means the gelatinous cube (that no one saw) will eat her first
- the cube swallows Edoria, but she escapes eventually
- The group is having a hard time with the zombies and the cube.
- Eventually, the cube swallows a small zombie.
- Small zombie and big one start attacking the cube. They are distracted
- Half the group opens a locked door.
- At first, it looked like there were two more, but it must have been a simple trick of the eyes
- Obrin and Edoria go inside and shut the door.
- Faith and Iskandar hide in the sarcophagi
- Obrin finds a chest in the room they are in
- Inside are children clothes and toys
- Obrin realizes they are in Sir Jerold Keegans old place
- The zombie is the wife and their two kids
- While they are hiding, the cube ends up swallowing and killing all the zombies
- The cube moves away from the sarcophagi and starts to dissolve the door.
- Iskandar runs down the hallway and makes a lot of noise, banging off everything
- The cube feels this and goes toward him.
- The rest of the group attack the cube and eventually win
- Group finds out the smaller ones were trying to hug them and were just crying
- The group is sad
- The DM is happy


Q and A
Obrin is nice for once

Group takes a small rest, then explores the room to the right (where the Goblins are).
- The group makes a horrifying discovery
- Obrin can now use prestidigitation.
- He uses this power exactly as the group thought he would

Group looks to the rooms to the north first
- Find a lot of barrels of beer.
- Obrin drinks a bit, says its delicious (with his power)
- Others taste it, its not good
- Obrin is so fucking clever with prestidigitation.

Group looks in the rooms to the south
- Finds crudely drawn plans that Kylor must have made.
- All of them are various ways he wants to destroy Winterhaven
- All of them include him with two chicks

Group hears a small noise coming from a room where the door is closed
- Group demands to know who is there
- A goblin (one of the ones that ran from Edoria) said he was armed and will kill whoever walks in this room
- Obrin says the group has slain many goblins today and that one more wont hurt them. He starts to count to ten.
- At nine, noise is heard as the door is barricaded and he comes out with the weapon.
- He is told to drop it, he does.
- Obrin tells im to sit at a table, he does.
- Goblin stares at Edoria, looks scared to death.
- Obrin questions who he is
- Said is a young ling. Was pulled from his tribe to the north by Kaleral to patrol area.
- Was asked what was to the very south of this floor, says he doesn’t know
- Anyone who goes down there that isn’t Kaleral doesn’t come back.
- Obrin asks if he misses his family, goblin says yes.
- Obrin tells him to run to them as fast as he can.
- The goblin looks confused
- Obrin says “NOW!” and slams the table hard
- The goblin runs.

Party goes to investigate the room that Kylor was going to take them
- The hallway to the door is very dusty.
- The door is nailed shut. Writing on the board (in common) says “Closed”.
- The party opens it.


Edoria is hot!

Steve, Faith, Sarah, Mike

Some date I dunno

Group and Goblins are at a standstill
- Kylor is letting them go on their way
- Obrin demands they help the group or they will die
- Kylor thinks about this and agrees
- Other goblins look confused, but Kylor tells them to shut up
- Kylor says their is a room to the west that may have healing supplies the group can use
- Obrin says lead the way.

Group of goblins surround Kylor as he walks
- Yells down a hallway to the south to come out
- four or so goblins come out to “assist the party”.
- Kylor and his guards walk to the room on the left with Obrin and Kava
- Edoria and Iskandar stay behind, waiting for the goblins to the south hallway to get ahead of them
- Goblins to the south tell them to back up.
- Iskandar does, Edoria stays
- Goblins say to back up against wall now so they may pass
- Edoria turns slightly away from them, assuming that this is what they meant.
- One goblin pushes Edoria hard with his shield
- Iskandar slams his spear on top of his shield with the point toward the goblins face, yelling at him
- The other goblin attacks

- Obrin falls down a well (what a goof).

- Fight isn’t looking too good for the group.
- Kylor is laughing at them, insulting and saying they will make horrible slaves
- Suddenly, Edoria passes out and nearly hits the floor when she catches herself.
- She stands unsteady, as if someone was behind her keeping her up.
- She opens her eyes. They are on fire.
- She screams that “the flame must be fed” in a voice that was not here.
- Points to Kylor and flames swirl around her arm, to her hand, and an inferno engulfs Kylor
- Kylor leaps into the well to try and put himself out. He dies before he his the water
- A corpse on fire lands on Obrin (lol).
- Edoria passes out again and falls to the floor.
- Two goblins run in opposite directions.
- Group defeats the group.
- Faith tends to Edoria.


The Second Floor
Fight EVERYONE!!!!

Sarah, Steve, Faith, Mike

Group rests in a secret room
- Sees the stairs to the next floor
- Steve sneaks and lays on steps to see guards at bottom of steps.
- Edoria wants to look, but fails sneak check
– Guards hear and ask if anyone is there
Iskandar has a plan
- Chain Edoria and Kava’s hands
- Iskandar wears armor that makes him look bad
- Iskandar will act like he captured these two
- Will hold edorias sword, Kava’s will be on stairs
- Obrin will sneak behind them
Group goes downstairs and is given a challenge phrase by hobgoblins
- Iskandar says password from dropped Ninarin note
- One screams “Ninarin has been defeated. Alert Kalarel”.
- Two hobgoblins run to a back room where a huge spider is caged and gets released in a few turns
- Spider jumps and Edoria and tries to bite her, misses
- Spider gets greatly injured and runs away
- After battle, one is captured alive
He is given a potion and is questioned
- His name is Jib Jub
- Is asked about the floor, tells them that the warchief “Kylor” is done here
- Says slaves are taken directly south but never goes there
- “those that go down never come back. I never go down.”
Was asked about Splug
- Said Splug (Aka Splug the Blade) was their leader
- A year ago, humans came to use basement, gave them gold
- Undead and other unpleasant things started appearing from below
- Splug wanted to stop him. What he was doing would bring death to them all
- When he slept, his brother (Balrog the Fat) and others mutineys and throws him in torture chamber
- Balrog is now leader. Says to stay on the undead’s good side and they will be rewarded.
Group tells him to go get Kylor
- Edoria heals him more
- Jib Jub goes to a room to the East
- A few seconds pass. Someone is stabbed offscreen.
- Group needs a new plan
Iskandar has another plan
- Starts yelling for Kylor to come out and greet Ninarin
- Edoria tries to disguise her voice and covers her face.
- Other hobgoblins come out to see what they want
- Iskandar yells at them, Hobgoblins leave
- Hobgoblin with scale armor and a big spear appears
- Warlord asks why they are bothering to be in this section
- Looks at the fake Edoria and says “what is your last name?”
- He figures its a trap and runs back
- Group follows
Two encounters happen at the same time.
- Lots of hobgoblins
- Eventually, group tries to go north
- Iskandar gets trapped in room to the north when door is closes and barred
- Group eventually breaks it down
- Iskandar is held hostage on the ground
- Edoria tried to talk out of it and used her Command power
- Hobgoblins got slid into each other, Iskandar crawed away
Warchief says he has had enough and is letting them go with their lives


The Resting Area of Sir Keegan
Squares make scary noises!

Sarah, Steve, Faith, Mike

Group enters a small room with a coffin
- Notices etchings on coffin is a lot cleaner than on other coffins
- Etchings is of a man with a sword. No religious markings
- Group discusses opening it. Decides not to
- Edoria and Kava start to leave, Iskandar uses his tail to try and open it.
Coffin lid starts banging and explodes.
- A skeleton in plate armor and a symbol of bahamut stands up
- Says he will not allow the rift to open and will kill all who try
- Group tries to show skeleton they are on his side
Skill Challenge
- The group uses religion, acrobatics, intimidation, and diplomacy
- Group succeedes
- Skeleton is Sir Keegan
- The madness of the rift drove him to kill all, he stayed down here to punish himself
- Cannot cross over to the other side due to grief and unfinished business
- Sir Keegan cannot do much, but gives group his sword Aceris, a sword of platinum
- Sir Keegan is convinced group can succeed, feels hope for the first time and falls apart
Group goes north
- Finds some of the tiles have runes on them
- Know that if they are touched, a loud alarm will sound
- Obrin jumps over a few to see whats around
- Iskandar stays nearby Obrin but does not cross runes
- Edoria and Kava explore on their own, asking obrin to ether come back or wait
- Obrin does neither and explores
Iskandar makes a noise, and some shuffling and moaning is heard
- Obirn attacks noise, sees a lot of zombies
- Obrin and Iskandar starts fighitng them
- Obrin makes a double crit on a zombie, zombie falls into a wall and it moves a little
- Eventually Kava and Edoria hear fighting and come to help
- Edoria sees zombies walk on runes and nothing happens
- Edoria steps on it, a ghostly wail is heard
- Edoria, Kava, and Iskandar are affected by it and run toward the lighted room out of a fear effect
- Eventually shake it off and go back to help Obrin, who pretty much handled the situation.
Obrin investigates wall that moved
- Sees its a secret door
- Leads to a small room with nothing in it
- Obrin investigates a piece of the wall. While nothing special about it, he sees there may be something to the right of it.
- That’s when zombies seem to materialize from the walls and surround the elf, beating him.
- Group hears commotion and comes to help
- Group wins eventually
- Pass the Illusory wall, group finds a worn suit of armor.
- A voice booms out, giving them a riddle
- Kava solves it in three seconds
- Armor glows and becomes whole again.

End of session

Back to the Keep
Now with Computer Graphics!

October 2nd, 2015
Faith, Steve, Mike, Sarah

Group leaves Nihlus at temple. He is weak from resurrection
- Group runs into Mallory in the pews
- She wants to see him, group says he needs to rest
- Suggest she goes home and eats. She agrees so they will be both strong enough to play later

Group goes back to inn
- Lots of people are at the inn scared, asks if its safe yet
- Kava says to be vigilant still
- Group goes to sleep to recover

Group wakes at two in the morning
- Lots of guards on patrol in town, some look to be conscripted
- Talks to guards (a young guy and older guard) guarding closed door out of town
- Young guy is new, says older ones are patrolling the graveyard and surrounding paths
- Obrin gives young guy an arrow, young guy is ecstatic (they’re heroes!!!) and puts it in his belt

Group leaves for Keep
- As a security measure, group has Kava walk by herself with a sun rod wrapped up, only shining light in front of her and to the sides.
- Group stays behind her in darkness
- See a few guards here and there, but nothing really happens

Group gets back to the keep
- Sees a few goblins that are dead. They were not the ones to kill them.
- One is impaled to wall, one was strangled with chain,
- One has glass dust in eye and a wound in chest
- Group believes it must have been slug
- Kava checks vitals, sees it is still alive but barley
- Edoria wants to heal him to ask questions about the keep and of Splug
- Kava wants to put it out of its misery
- While group discusses it rationally, Kava decapitates it like a FUCKING BOSS!!!
- (DM didn’t expect that outcome. He did have info they would have wanted. oh well)

Group finds a room with multiple paths
- Kava sneaks down a hallway to investigate these paths.
- One has a strange symbol on ground. Couldn’t tell what it was as they were too far away.
- She sneaks, silent as the night and see some zombies
- Group fights zombies. Group wins.
- Obrin attempts his patented show off flip. Fumbles and falls, hurting himself.

Group finds a hallway lined with ten sarcophagi.
- Though the area is in complete darkness, they see a room at the end of the hall bathed in light
- Sees Draconic script on sarcophagi. Cant decipher it.
- Edoria makes noises of battle with ghost sound, but nothing happens
- Obrin busts ass toward light, Sarcophagi spring open and skeletons pop out
- Every so often, more skeletons pop up
- Obrin gets on top of a sarcophagus and attacks from on top of it. Fumbles again and falls off.
- Edoria pushes a skeleton warrior into the light. The skeleton drops his sword and slowly walks away from light. Once out, it heads straight toward the group to attack them again.
- Edoria wants group to get into lighted room, but no one can make it.
- Edoria also took a double crit to her wrist. She gets pissed and starts to feel her rage build and her right wrist starts to heat up
- Finally, skeletons stop coming out and the group is victorious.

Group investigates room.
- Glass dome on top of the room depicting a dragon in flight. Meant to represent Bahumut
- Obrin opens door at the end of the room and sees one more sarcophagus.
- Kava and Edoria investigates shrines in the room. They are to Bahumut and contain Draconic script. It says that Bahumut will help those who need it, all they need to do is pray.
- Kava does so. Light extends to the whole hallway.
- Edoria prays for her wrist. Will take less healing surges to fix.
- End of Session

- 297 XP per player

Other neat moments

- Mike asks DM about famous acrobats and luchadores and roles a history check. Finds out about Samuel “Doubleflip” Johnson and The Masked One: El Chupa Libre.

Samuel was a somewhat well known acrobat who would do two flips in the air without a running start or jumping of anything. Legend says he went for the “In Air 900”, but fell on his neck and died.

El Chupa Libre’s claim to fame was going from the wrestling world to the adventuring world. He was known to pill drive skeletons and body slamming zombies. One day, he decided to walk away from the game. He took off his mask one day, and just went to do something else. As no one saw him without his mask on, no one knows who he is, or if hes still out there.

- Group tested a new setup for the board. Instead of a whilteboard and magnets, the DM used a TV hooked up to a computer running “roll20”. Though there were some small problems (that are being worked on), the test was a success.

- Obrin ripped an arm off a skeleton and hit the same skeleton with it, shattering it. Obrin swore he heard a noise that sound like a ball hiring a bat and the distant sounds of a crowd cheering

New features will be introduced as time goes on.

Nihlus's Path
What the fuck did you do Nihlus?

- Group comes back to help with ritual
- Mallory says why Nihlus is missing? Is he hurt? Can she help? Can she see him
- Group tell her she can help by praying in temple. Does so

- Group helps with ritual
- Gets in circle and passes orb to one another to try and coax the soul back

- Nihlus is in a field in the afterlife
- Lots of paths one can take
- A lady is behind him
- Her name is Macha, she is the messenger for the Mistress of Winter and the lady of fate (Raven Queen)
- Says he is here due to his fanaticism and extreme views of Avandra
- She asks if he has memory problems. He does and asks why. She says it must be the reason why he didn’t remember having this exact conversation with her before

- Gets show the path he’s going to take in after life
- Land is of hellscape. Only one path instead of many
- Discovers he is dressed as royalty, holding a scepter he can’t drop and wearing a a crown. Both are too heavy and hurt, but can’t be dropped
- Right hand and right eye is missing and bloody
- On either side of path are people in masks and all in black
- They bow to him as they pass
- They start with a whisper, but end up screaming “Hail to the one eyed king. The one to see and feel”
- Another flash of white light happens and he’s back in front of Macha

- Says there is still time to change
- Raven Queen wants to give another chance, still time to change
- Nihilus keeps questioning the gods, Macha gets annoyed
- Finally he goes back


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