A Stich in Time...

New friends are made

Party finds the watefall
- Guarded by kolbolds
- party kills kolbolds
- one gets away and goes behind waterfall into cave
- party follows

- party goes into cave behind waterfall
- swarmed by kolbolds
– A dragonborn helps fight the kolbolds (Ankea)
- eventually, goblin with an iron tooth comes out
- fight happens
- Irontooth makes Edoria a hostage
– bullshit happens, Edoira gets away
– Says that Kalaral will open the portal and Orcus will swallow their souls
– Party wants to capture Irontooth, Ankea’s warhammer slips and she squashes his head
– Party recruits Ankea!!!

Party heads back into town
- See’s thomas taking paper mask from Mallory
– He balls it up and puts it in his bag
– Party confronts
– Thomas says that party and town is brainwashed by Nihlus
– A rukus happens
– Main town guard comes out of tavern, dimisses Thomas and apologizes to party
– Says there is a deva asking about the keep. Should talk to her
– party talks to deva (Kava) and recruits her

Group goes to Valthurn
– Groups meet in one of their rooms at the inn (Valthurn doesn’t like others inside his tower)
– Tells group about the keep
– The keep lies on an old rift to the Shadowfell
– A dark place where the soul goes after death to be judged by raven queen
(goddess of death)
– rift links to a temple of Orcus, prince of the undead
– Lots of monsters attacked, were pushed back by the Purple Dragons (elite army) by
– Wizards sealed rift
– To keep an eye on rift, a keep was built on top of it
– 80 years pass. Its peaceful. Winterhaven forms
– All was fine until one night
– Sir Jerold Kegan, Commander of the Keep
– At midnight one night, killed his family, trusted aids, fellow soldiers
– Soldiers finally rallied together and dispatched him
– fearing the rifts influence, Comyr ordered the keep abandoned and destroyed
– Kaleral must be trying to open the rift. Douven will be a sacrifice. It must be

Party heads to the keep
The dragon burial ground

Party is on its way to the burial ground
-Attacked by another group of kolbolds
- Got one of them to surrender
– Kolbold said they were sent by Irontooth
– Irontooth is mad that his group was destoryed, sent a kill squad
– Kolbold said that Irontooth was in a cave behind a waterfall
- Party deciding on what to do with him
– made some nasty jokes, Nilhus kills kolbold to “save” him
- Party decides to leave a message for Irontooth
– Dump bodies by a big rock
– Edoria write in Kolbold blood (in dragoconic) that Irontooth was next

Party arrives at burial ground
- A gnome is there, digging
- Some humans are sitting around watching, 2 drakes are sitting, and a ghostly apparitionis watching
- gnome invites party to come help dig
– Iskandar takes him up on the offer, is attacked
– battle ensures
– When gnome dies, he says “I failed you Kalarel”

Party wins
- see’s movement under a tarp
- under the tarp is Valthurn
– Edoria heals and feeds him, he is thankful
- Valthurn says he went there with Doven to check it out
– a group came when they were there and got jumped
– Douven was taken to a keep nearby
– Valthurn says there are stories about the keep and wants to look up more information at his tower in Winterhaven (hes a bit of a scholar)

Group takes Valthurn to Winterhaven

- Valthurns magic handle is missing, needs to make a new one
– While exploring town, Nihlus sees note on door
– Its from a little girl (Mallory) he helped a few days ago, thanking him
– he see’s Mallory with white paper mask on
– sees her playing with friends, reenacting a scenario that happens to Nihlus and a town guard (Thomas)
– kids scatter when Thomas assumes his post

After talking with the Lord of the town, they head to kill irontooth

The Missing Mentor
Where the fuck is Douven?

The group arrives at Douvens
- asked by the gate guard to go straight to Douvens ready room
- when there, they see the room has been tossed
– Douven’s wife, Trecna, meets the group there
– She asks if the group has seen/heard from Douven since they left, they say no
– She breaks down and cries
– He’s been missing for a few days
– A necklace she wears is bonded with his necklace, she doesnt feel the bond anymore
– Ether he took it off or is dead
– A letter is found in his ready room
– Its written to Douven
– Says that there is a dragon burial site near the town of Winterhaven.
– Wants to check it out with Douven for old times sake and may have a lead on
interesting item there
– Signed from “Val”
– Trecna does not know who that is
– Tasks the group to find Douven

Group leaves the next day to Winterhaven
– Along the way, kolbold ambush!
– Party battles with Kolbolds. Weld stays in cart
– During the battle, horses get spooked and run towards Edoria
– Edoria tries to calm down horses, doesnt work and gets trampled
– Weld uses reigns to stop horses. Then grabs a healing potion (in Edorias bag in the
cart) and brings her back from death.
– Weld tries to give Edoria money to cover the healing potion (feels like he didnt have
permission to use it). Edoria says its okay
-Group gets through it and gets to Winterhaven

Group goes to a local bar called Wrafton’s Inn
- The Warden of the town (Lord Padraig)
- After some Introductions, they ask Padraig if he knows anything about Val or Douven
– He says no and he knows much about the small village
– Group says they were going to a dragon burial ground
– Padraig is interested in this, and wonders if Val is Valthurn the Seer
– After some checking, finds out the Valthurn had a visitor the other night. He hasn’t
been seen since
– Padraig is concerned. Tells group where to find the burial ground
– Also tells them to watch out for Kolbolds in the area. Town doesn’t seem them
as a threat. Paidrag says if the group gets any bigger, they will be
– If group is successful, come back and talk to him about ending this annoyance
before it becomes a threat to the town
– As the group leaves, Padraig tells the group that “someone” else is looking for
him. A guard has had some problems with him and they should talk to him.

The group talks to the guard
- The guard (Thomas) says the stranger showed up a few days ago
– Says the guy looks sketchy as hell and knows hes up to something
– Found him standing over a little girl, her crying one day
– Tried to save her, she ran away from the monster and he used devil magic to keep him
– Wants the group to get rid of him (out of the town of course). The guy is standing by
Valthurn’s tower

Group talks to the stranger
– The stranger wears a cracked masqurade mask and is of few words
– He acts somewhat of a child, but more painfully shy and awkward (as if he’s scared of
making anyone mad)
– After some talking with Edoria, the group finds out that the stranger is looking for
directions to the dragons burial ground
– Group tries to get into Valthrusn tower, with interesting results. Yet are still locked
– Local guard asks whats going on. Group says thomas gave permission
– Thomas gets in trouble

Group leaves for The burial ground

The Beginning

(As these happened some time ago, these will be written in outline format. If enough interest exist,members can write a “stand out moment” that will be at the end of the log. You can write a paragraph or two about it and Ill insert it into the log. Fun way to contribute to the site. )

- Four adventurers
Edoria Willowtree, Harman Hranmnann, and the brothers Verdant and Iskandar Kazanan
- Came from different corners of the world to go to Douven’s training camp
– Camp is located near the summit of the Thunder Peaks in Comyr
– each have their reasons they do not share with each other

-Once at Douvens, he has them all meet
– says they were all brought here on the advice of someone called “The Man in Yellow”
– Douven does not know who he is
– He is interested to see why these four were asked to come here, so he will accept them


- The four were asked to see Douven

- Douven has a request for them
– A cave at the base of the mountain contains koblods
– they have been easly ignored for a while
– in the last few weeks, they have gotten more aggressive and causing damage on a nearby trade road
– wants the group to do it to "test’ them
– Douven would do it himself, but his focus is on another matter
– Tells group to keep all they find as the items have already been marked as destroyed
– tells group to go to fallcrest for a few days to relax and buy/sell items

The group goes to the cave
- they beat up Koblods
– In the last room, they find a secret door, but decide to camp first
– Harman leaves halfway into their rest due to personal reasons
– group goes into secret door, down some stairs, into a cave
- group finds a young white dragon (named Szartharrax)
– hatched a while ago, demand treasure or would eat kobolds
– dragon has a dagger impaled into his tail
– battle ensures
– group wins
- group finds a treasure chest
– keys is found in frozen water in the middle of the room
– also has the remains of some human
– Chest contained a green dragon skin, a jade statue, and other things

They load up what they can and head to fallcrest
- There, they meet Weld and Obrin
– they put up a notice on the job board, asking for help to rescue a friend (Kafka) after a botched attempt at stopping the kolbolds
– party meets them and they all discover the corpse in the dragon room was their friend.

The brothers Verdant and Iskandar had a big fight.
- Verdant wanted to go home to the forest and didn’t want to adventure anymore
- Iskandar wanted to keep adventuring and bring pride back into his race (Tieflings)
- After a big fight in the middle of town (and nearly getting arrested), Iskandar left the group.
- Weld and Obrin joined the group

The group goes to Moonstone Keep in town to request an audience with Lord Warden Faren Markelhay
- Group says they have something he wants
- Guards interpret this as they stole the jade statue and are now trying to bribe the Lord.
- Obrin tries to shoot a guard for looking “sketchy”. A rare DM Intervention prevented this.
- Group talks to Faren and gives statue back to him
- Faren gives to his youngest daughter (Melanie) as a late birthday present.
- Gives group some funds and a place to rest for the night.

Group talks to Teldorthan Ironhews (the blacksmith)
- Iskandar orders a helmet made of the dragon skull they have
- group asks if hes looking for something
- Said he wasn’t sure, but he think she just walked in the door (looking at Edoria)
- Edoria snaps and tells him to fuck off
- Teldorthan apologizes
- Group gives him dragonskin, he pays them

Group leaves for Douvens
- The group buys two horses and a wagon, and then head back to Douvens


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