A Stich in Time...


The Beginning

(As these happened some time ago, these will be written in outline format. If enough interest exist,members can write a “stand out moment” that will be at the end of the log. You can write a paragraph or two about it and Ill insert it into the log. Fun way to contribute to the site. )

- Four adventurers
Edoria Willowtree, Harman Hranmnann, and the brothers Verdant and Iskandar Kazanan
- Came from different corners of the world to go to Douven’s training camp
– Camp is located near the summit of the Thunder Peaks in Comyr
– each have their reasons they do not share with each other

-Once at Douvens, he has them all meet
– says they were all brought here on the advice of someone called “The Man in Yellow”
– Douven does not know who he is
– He is interested to see why these four were asked to come here, so he will accept them


- The four were asked to see Douven

- Douven has a request for them
– A cave at the base of the mountain contains koblods
– they have been easly ignored for a while
– in the last few weeks, they have gotten more aggressive and causing damage on a nearby trade road
– wants the group to do it to "test’ them
– Douven would do it himself, but his focus is on another matter
– Tells group to keep all they find as the items have already been marked as destroyed
– tells group to go to fallcrest for a few days to relax and buy/sell items

The group goes to the cave
- they beat up Koblods
– In the last room, they find a secret door, but decide to camp first
– Harman leaves halfway into their rest due to personal reasons
– group goes into secret door, down some stairs, into a cave
- group finds a young white dragon (named Szartharrax)
– hatched a while ago, demand treasure or would eat kobolds
– dragon has a dagger impaled into his tail
– battle ensures
– group wins
- group finds a treasure chest
– keys is found in frozen water in the middle of the room
– also has the remains of some human
– Chest contained a green dragon skin, a jade statue, and other things

They load up what they can and head to fallcrest
- There, they meet Weld and Obrin
– they put up a notice on the job board, asking for help to rescue a friend (Kafka) after a botched attempt at stopping the kolbolds
– party meets them and they all discover the corpse in the dragon room was their friend.

The brothers Verdant and Iskandar had a big fight.
- Verdant wanted to go home to the forest and didn’t want to adventure anymore
- Iskandar wanted to keep adventuring and bring pride back into his race (Tieflings)
- After a big fight in the middle of town (and nearly getting arrested), Iskandar left the group.
- Weld and Obrin joined the group

The group goes to Moonstone Keep in town to request an audience with Lord Warden Faren Markelhay
- Group says they have something he wants
- Guards interpret this as they stole the jade statue and are now trying to bribe the Lord.
- Obrin tries to shoot a guard for looking “sketchy”. A rare DM Intervention prevented this.
- Group talks to Faren and gives statue back to him
- Faren gives to his youngest daughter (Melanie) as a late birthday present.
- Gives group some funds and a place to rest for the night.

Group talks to Teldorthan Ironhews (the blacksmith)
- Iskandar orders a helmet made of the dragon skull they have
- group asks if hes looking for something
- Said he wasn’t sure, but he think she just walked in the door (looking at Edoria)
- Edoria snaps and tells him to fuck off
- Teldorthan apologizes
- Group gives him dragonskin, he pays them

Group leaves for Douvens
- The group buys two horses and a wagon, and then head back to Douvens



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