A Stich in Time...

The Missing Mentor

Where the fuck is Douven?

The group arrives at Douvens
- asked by the gate guard to go straight to Douvens ready room
- when there, they see the room has been tossed
– Douven’s wife, Trecna, meets the group there
– She asks if the group has seen/heard from Douven since they left, they say no
– She breaks down and cries
– He’s been missing for a few days
– A necklace she wears is bonded with his necklace, she doesnt feel the bond anymore
– Ether he took it off or is dead
– A letter is found in his ready room
– Its written to Douven
– Says that there is a dragon burial site near the town of Winterhaven.
– Wants to check it out with Douven for old times sake and may have a lead on
interesting item there
– Signed from “Val”
– Trecna does not know who that is
– Tasks the group to find Douven

Group leaves the next day to Winterhaven
– Along the way, kolbold ambush!
– Party battles with Kolbolds. Weld stays in cart
– During the battle, horses get spooked and run towards Edoria
– Edoria tries to calm down horses, doesnt work and gets trampled
– Weld uses reigns to stop horses. Then grabs a healing potion (in Edorias bag in the
cart) and brings her back from death.
– Weld tries to give Edoria money to cover the healing potion (feels like he didnt have
permission to use it). Edoria says its okay
-Group gets through it and gets to Winterhaven

Group goes to a local bar called Wrafton’s Inn
- The Warden of the town (Lord Padraig)
- After some Introductions, they ask Padraig if he knows anything about Val or Douven
– He says no and he knows much about the small village
– Group says they were going to a dragon burial ground
– Padraig is interested in this, and wonders if Val is Valthurn the Seer
– After some checking, finds out the Valthurn had a visitor the other night. He hasn’t
been seen since
– Padraig is concerned. Tells group where to find the burial ground
– Also tells them to watch out for Kolbolds in the area. Town doesn’t seem them
as a threat. Paidrag says if the group gets any bigger, they will be
– If group is successful, come back and talk to him about ending this annoyance
before it becomes a threat to the town
– As the group leaves, Padraig tells the group that “someone” else is looking for
him. A guard has had some problems with him and they should talk to him.

The group talks to the guard
- The guard (Thomas) says the stranger showed up a few days ago
– Says the guy looks sketchy as hell and knows hes up to something
– Found him standing over a little girl, her crying one day
– Tried to save her, she ran away from the monster and he used devil magic to keep him
– Wants the group to get rid of him (out of the town of course). The guy is standing by
Valthurn’s tower

Group talks to the stranger
– The stranger wears a cracked masqurade mask and is of few words
– He acts somewhat of a child, but more painfully shy and awkward (as if he’s scared of
making anyone mad)
– After some talking with Edoria, the group finds out that the stranger is looking for
directions to the dragons burial ground
– Group tries to get into Valthrusn tower, with interesting results. Yet are still locked
– Local guard asks whats going on. Group says thomas gave permission
– Thomas gets in trouble

Group leaves for The burial ground



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