A Stich in Time...

Q and A

Obrin is nice for once

Group takes a small rest, then explores the room to the right (where the Goblins are).
- The group makes a horrifying discovery
- Obrin can now use prestidigitation.
- He uses this power exactly as the group thought he would

Group looks to the rooms to the north first
- Find a lot of barrels of beer.
- Obrin drinks a bit, says its delicious (with his power)
- Others taste it, its not good
- Obrin is so fucking clever with prestidigitation.

Group looks in the rooms to the south
- Finds crudely drawn plans that Kylor must have made.
- All of them are various ways he wants to destroy Winterhaven
- All of them include him with two chicks

Group hears a small noise coming from a room where the door is closed
- Group demands to know who is there
- A goblin (one of the ones that ran from Edoria) said he was armed and will kill whoever walks in this room
- Obrin says the group has slain many goblins today and that one more wont hurt them. He starts to count to ten.
- At nine, noise is heard as the door is barricaded and he comes out with the weapon.
- He is told to drop it, he does.
- Obrin tells im to sit at a table, he does.
- Goblin stares at Edoria, looks scared to death.
- Obrin questions who he is
- Said is a young ling. Was pulled from his tribe to the north by Kaleral to patrol area.
- Was asked what was to the very south of this floor, says he doesn’t know
- Anyone who goes down there that isn’t Kaleral doesn’t come back.
- Obrin asks if he misses his family, goblin says yes.
- Obrin tells him to run to them as fast as he can.
- The goblin looks confused
- Obrin says “NOW!” and slams the table hard
- The goblin runs.

Party goes to investigate the room that Kylor was going to take them
- The hallway to the door is very dusty.
- The door is nailed shut. Writing on the board (in common) says “Closed”.
- The party opens it.




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