A Stich in Time...

Stone Cold

Traps are fun

Group opens the door to the south
- They see a goblin (the other one who ran) bisected in half and a huge blood streak.
- Group closes the door and talk about what they saw
- Door is opened again. They noticed a huge stone stature in the middle of the room
- There is blood on his sword.
- Group is very careful to try and not set off the huge stone stature
- They walk into the smaller statures that blast them toward the big statue, triggering the big statue
- Big statue missed
- Edoria and Obrin climb on the statue to figure out how to shut it off
- Iskandar and Faith are doing things (I have no idea what they were doing. I forget)
- Obrin finds a panel on the statue and tries to shut it off.
- Edoria tries to help
- Edoria just gets in the way
- Edoria is always in the way
- Obrin finally shuts it off.
- Edoria walks into a small hallway to the south
- A forcefield comes up and seperates the group (good job edoria)
- Room starts filling with water
- Group tries to get in but cant
- Edoria destroys two smaller statues in the room that are filling the room with water
- Forcefield breaks and water goes everywhere. Traps are no more.


(It seems like something else happened this day. I don’t think this is the only thing that happened, but I don’t remember what it was. First person to let me know what else happened this day gets 30 XP points).



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