A Stich in Time...

The Portal to hell

Kaleral falls

The group wakes up on stone slabs
- Their armor is still on, but their weapons are to the side
- Where they expected Obrin to be, is an old man
- Its Douven Staull
- He’s obviouslly injured and close to death

Obrin had woken up some time ago
- Was chained to a stone table
- His armor is cut in half
- Kaleral is standing over him
- He is dipping a feather into a bowl and cutting Obrin’s flesh with a sharp tip
- Its been going on for a while

- Kava gets up to try to try and grab her sword
- Sword falls, bad people see
- Obrin breaks free of a shackle
- Kaleral drives the feather into Obrin’s Arm. its numb and can’t move
- Group heals Douven Staull.
- Group offers him a sword, Douven says he needs no sword
- Reaches into his robe and pulls out a luchadore mask
- Puts it on, yells out “LUCHOOOO LIBREEEE” and suplex’s a skeleton
- Its the masked one: Lucho Libre!
- Obrin gets free and gets his bow
- He only picks up his bow
- I ask him a lot and he says he only picks up his bow
- Obrin fires an empty bow, gets butthurt that an arrow didnt come out
- Had to explain that a bow is not like a gun which is armed with bullets, you have to pick up an arrow to
- DM knows he was an ass during this, but it was too funny not to do.
- Blood in the middle of the room kept raising undead
- Finally, they end up with Kaleral
- Kaleral teleports to a magic circle and is protected
- Group whittles him down slowly as a portal in the back of the room has a tentical sticking out of it, trying to get others to go to it.
- Finally, Obrin shoots an arrow and destroys Kaleral’s Necklace
- The magic circle fails, tentacl grabs Kaleral
- Kaleral screams as he is dragged into the portal
- The portal closes.

Group works to prevent this from openeing again
- Writing is made on the portal itself (Kava and Edoria wrote a prayer to Pelor on it)
- It burned itself in.
- Iskandar cuts a mark of his god into the magic circle
- The magic circle will not operate again

Group leaves the keep
- Suddenly, they are surrounded by goblins
- From the back, a goblin pushes through
- He is covered in daggers and knives and has blood marks on his face
- He also has a little bit of rope tied all over his head
- Its splug!
- Splug asks if the undead are finished. Group says they are
- Group asks about the rope
- Splug says his mind was broken in torture chamber, medicine man put it back together with rope and he feels much better now.
- Splug says they will stay at keep to kill straglers and to stop others from coming in
- Want the group to tell Winterhave that they want trade and other things in return
- Group goes back to Winterhaven
- Everyone is happy the undead threat is done
- The lord of Winterhaven says there will be a celebration and feast!!!!


End of session



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